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  • ABC123 ABC123 Nov 23, 2008 9:00 AM Flag

    QB Controversy

    I've been doing very well this year playing musical QB....

    Your opinion today is appreciated....

    Quinn vs Houston

    Orton at St. Louis

    Thigpen vs Buffalo

    Cassel at Miami

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    • Orton

      Cassel hasnt gone deep consistently enough to prove hes not more than an efficient game manager. As soon as Belichik trusts him enough to open up the playbook to throw deep more, then so will i :)

      Quinn has a broken finger (tip of index on throwing hand). Mario Williams will know this and might go for it. Way of the world. Also with no Winslow and Edwards playing dropsy and no decent WR2 threat emerging, i think Lewis will run the ball mainly here against a softish HOU D

      Buffalo have excellent secondary (when fit). If they start Mckelvin and McGee is back to anything like 100% i think we can see some turnovers in agame that BUF has to win.

      The StL DEF is ranked bottom 3 of the whole NFL against the pass - so fully fit or not, id expect Orton to have some fun with them. Especially as StL are so bad offensively right now, he should see plenty of possession time

    • I would be scared to put stock in quinn yet... specially with winslow being game time, I would lean to Orton, Thigpen, then a toss up between Cassel and Quinn

    • I think Orton will have a good game against the woeful St Louis defense. 250 yards, 2 TDs and no picks sounds about right to me.


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