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  • Jon Fong Jon Fong Nov 17, 2008 4:48 PM Flag

    Every question will be answered.

    You win.

    -TO is gonna be back to somewhat old form (although less than spectacular) with Romo back and will make you happy.
    -Jason Campbell is taking monster hits but keeps releasing the ball right before he's hit, which may wear him down, but shows his durability and he's making great throws (significantly better than Delhomme).
    -Dunn is the main man now that Graham is gone. He had some great games earlier on, and will do so again.

    MJD is good, but Desean is an unreliable rookie (albeit a future superstar) and Delhomme is mediocre.

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    • You are giving some people TERRIBLE ADVICE!!!! This is a prime example! MJD is better than all of these guys, T.O. has a very good chance at being a bust this year, Jackson ISN'T A ROOKIE, and there's not enough difference fantasy-wise to merit trading Delhomme for Campbell considering you'd have to give up MJD. KEEP MJD! I'm no expert, but at least I've got SOME KNOWLEDGE!


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