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  • Bowden Bowden Nov 16, 2008 11:41 AM Flag

    Huge Trade...Please Help!!!

    This is the trade:

    I give: Gerrard, Addai and Chris Chambers

    I get: Peyton Manning, Michael Jenkins and Steve Slaton

    Here is my team

    QBs: Gerrard and Pennington
    WRs: Boldin, Wayne, Coles, Cotchery, Driver, Chambers
    RBs: Jones-Drew, DeAngelo Williams, Addai and Reggie Bush
    TE: Dallas Clark


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    • anyone else?

    • That's tough. The only players that really matter in that are Addai and Slaton. Both have silky soft 3rd trimester schedules, so I guess it's a question of who is going to outperform the other. I would stick with Addai simply based on the fact that Slaton has struggled recently, whereas Addai is on the way back up the depth charts as far as completely overtaking Dominic Rhodes. But if you feel like you need Peyton, then definitely accept this trade. He will light it up from now on.

      So.... If you think Peyton will make a difference, then yes. If you're not going to start him, then no. Please answer my question about Drew Brees for Tim Hightower..