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  • AaRoN AaRoN Nov 5, 2008 2:18 AM Flag

    Asked this earlier today still struggling with decision..Please Help

    Got offered Randy Moss/Jamal Lewis for Graham/Vincent Jackson..

    Now we play an 8 man league. Have had the same league since 2000. My team is this.

    QB- Delhomme, Schaub(getting dropped), Quinn

    WR- Andre Johnson, Jennings, Fitz, Berrian, Jackson, Ocho

    RB- Gore, Steven Jackson, TJones, Graham, Kevin Smith,
    Mewelde Moore

    TE- Shockey, Vernon Davis

    I started 0-5 (dunno how?) and am now 4-5 so Im afraid I might screw up the momentum and both of my guys are ranked better than Lewis/Moss.

    What do you guys think?

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    • If this was a keeper league I would tell you to do it. My opinion is that you should only make trades that will impact your starting roster. I think Jackson has as much upside this year as Moss. Stick with what you have for now but go find a QB with your WRs.

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    • i would try and get a qb for goodness sake, yours blow.
      youve got depth everywhere else get a QB pronto

    • that tb backfield is messy right now with dunn and graham both hurt and splitting carries. With lt getting healthy, i don't know how much the bolts will continue to air it out, so jackson's current value is questionable. Lewis will continue to get carries, and moss will continue to blow it up 1 week and disappear the next....I would consider the trade definately

    • if its a dynasty then obviously yes, if its not id stick with what you got, your already stacked at wr, i don't think you could start moss most weeks with the guys you already got, and jamal with quinn seeing 9 man boxes is not better than Graham

    • what are the odds Caddy comes off the PUP do you think? Thanks for the reply. does anyone else have an opinion? Yah I like my team but the guy leading it had a great draft where some players fell into place and he just traded Ronnie Brown and Jacobs for AP...So now he has LT and AP..Sick

    • grahm is a little injured and playing a lot of FB role and caddilac is in the garage ready to come out to drive around.Also jackson has chambers back i would trade it i mean hell there ur bench players ur team pretty stacked but moss name can help u trade him to another team.


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