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  • JWo JWo Oct 22, 2008 6:12 PM Flag

    Asking for trade help

    I'm trying to get Steven Jackson and I want to see what everyone things would be a fair offer for him. I'm currently 2-5 so I'm trying to a few extra pieces to help get me back in the hunt for the playoffs.

    My lineup:
    QB: Rivers, Garcia
    RB: Portis, Graham, Sproles, Rhodes, Taylor
    WR: Colston, DeSean Jackson, Calvin Johnson, D. Mason, Santonio Holmes

    His lineup:
    QB: Campbell, McNabb
    RB: Jackson, Jones-Drew, Chester Taylor, Ahmad Bradshaw
    WR: Houshmandzadeh, Meachem, Hines Ward, Joey Galloway

    I'm thinking he could use some WR help but I know he'll want to replace Jackson. Maybe a 2-for-1?

    Graham and Mason?
    Graham and Johnson?

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    • i think trading away Johnson would hurt your WR core too much. with Jackson's value falling, i would be careful about depleting you WR core right now.

      and plus, if you buy jackson right now, you'll be buying him at his highest price. i'd almost suggest waiting a week or two so he's not fresh off a 160 / 3 performance.

      but for the record, if the manager would go for it, i'd definitely trade Graham and Mason for Jackson. i don't think he'd accept, but that's another issue...

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      • Yeah, I'm thinking he won't accept it either. I tried a couple of RB-WR combos a couple of weeks ago when S-Jax was low, but he didn't do it. He thinks he doesn't know enough to determine if he's getting screwed. hahaha...

        We DO get punt return yards for the players so he'd at least get those points from DeSean as well.

        Thanks for the advice guys. I may try to put something together later tonight.


    • DESHAWN Jackson and sproles and that should help him and you


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