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  • Rabid Wombat Rabid Wombat Oct 16, 2008 4:47 AM Flag

    is this a good trade?

    Do you all think this is a case of L.T. going nuts the first couple years with big numbers, and then defenses working schemes to take him specifically out of the game (legitimately)? On the other hand, is it more of a team dependent offense that I've entirely missed? In my league, Gore and A.P. are the big clubs with the scary numbers. Sometimes they miss, but when they hit... brutal.

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    • L.T. is a case of not being able to cut right to start the year off.

      You people expect a top notch fantasy back to put up insane numbers when he has been hurt? That doesn't work like that..when you are exceptional and hurt, it takes you from class of your own to the rest of the field..which is why LT is ranked 19th in standard leagues..all be it with basically missing one whole game too.

      If you know anything about the injury he is dealing with ect. or have experience it, you know it limits your running ability..which is you know what LT gets paid to do..RUN!

      He says it feels better, will continue to get better..don't bail on the man..you will kick yourself in the butt down the line if you do.


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