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  • vucrusader05 vucrusader05 Oct 15, 2008 4:34 PM Flag

    Waiver Wire Advice Needed

    Alright I have a bit of a dilemma. My current team:

    QB: Romo, Schaub, Palmer
    WR: Marshall, A. Johnson, Colston, Bowe
    RB: Westbrook, Chris Johnson, Buckhalter, LenDale White, Jacobs
    TE: Daniels
    K: Gould
    DEF: Philly

    My problem right now is…I have the opportunity as of this moment to pick up Heath Miller and Dominic Rhodes. I consider my 3 “droppable” players at this point White, Palmer, and Buckhalter (probably in that order…I don’t like Westbrook’s health problems and don’t trust him to make it through the season). I also need to get a DEF to fill in for Philly on a Bye this week. So what I’m looking at is basically dropping White and Palmer to pick up Rhodes and Miller and dropping Philly's D to pick up probably Dallas against STL…are these terrible moves? I really have a feeling Palmer is going to be shut down for the season. Plus am I really going to start him with the matchups Schaub has over the next 3 weeks and the fact that Romo should be back shortly after that? They just announced Addai is out for 2-4 weeks so Rhodes is worth more. What do you think? Do I make all three of these moves? Two of them? One? None? Help!! I'm driving myself nuts.

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