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  • Clay M Clay M Oct 9, 2008 9:58 AM Flag

    Which Side Wins?

    in a league that gives points for return yards, the DeSean / Breaston side should win, as DeSean's and Breaston's return yards thus far have made them pretty decent starters, at least in my league. you'd be taking a hit at TE, but with Dallas getting beat up every single game (i swear, nobody gets hit harder on a more regular basis), he may only see 8-10 games this year.

    but if return yards aren't rewarded, then the Clark / Moose side wins BIG. DeSean's not going to continue at this rate with both Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis at 100%. and once Boldin comes back, Breaston will be limited again mostly to return yardage. It would be an absolute steal for the side receiving Clark / Moose...


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