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  • JAH JAH Sep 29, 2008 7:41 PM Flag

    Did I make the right decision?

    I just traded Matt Ryan, Roy Williams, and Maurice Jones-Drew

    I got Carson Palmer, Lee Evans, and Chris Perry

    I had Bulger as my qb and the dual running back drives me nuts

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    • Another article for ya... I had Palmer as my back up... so this does suck for me too.

      Source (rotoworld.com) | Player: Carson Palmer

      ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Carson Palmer's (elbow) status for Week 5 against Dallas is "very iffy." Mort says Palmer's elbow is still very inflamed and the Bengals will act conservatively with their franchise QB. It sounds like it might take a near miraculous recovery from Palmer for Ryan Fitzpatrick to not make his second straight start. And that isn't good news for Cincinnnati's receivers.

    • Source (rotoworld.com) | Player: Carson Palmer

      Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer speculates that Carson Palmer's elbow injury is "worse than fatigue or soreness or mild inflammation." ProFootballTalk is reporting unconfirmed rumors that Palmer might need Tommy John surgery. It's of note that, when asked if the elbow injury is a long-term thing, Palmer simply replied, "I hope not." Daugherty is concerned by Palmer's unwillingness to say something like "I'll be fine for next week." Most truly healthy quarterbacks would say something like that.Source: Cincinnati Enquirer

      Told ya so.

    • When its all said and done, I am trading 1 starter for 3. I am 4-0 and in first place so I have a little time to sit back and let Palmer heal.

    • dude that was a really bad trade for you.....u got hosed

    • Wow you got ripped. Palmer could be done for the season with Tommy John Surgery....

    • the QBs involved are not starters in any league so they are irrelevant to the trade. roy williams has done nothing, and neither has jones-drew (except when he played Indianapolis who cannot stop the run if my mother was the RB)

      you got a lil better at WR, and a lil worse at RB, so its really a wash. perry and jones-drew aren't starters on a championship team. williams and evans are 3rd WR's on a good team

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      • Am I missing something? Didn't Pamer through for 4200 yards and 26 td's the last 2 years? You apparentley don't know anything about football because Pamer is a very good QB, the team around him just isn't good (Chad Johnson). I am not too worried about Perry either, he is just a backup. I believe that with Edwards as the QB, Evans is much better than Williams. But saying that none of these players are good enough to win on a championship team is kind of ludicris. I won a championship last year with Tavaris Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez, Reggie Brown, Antwan Randel El, the back up RB for Saints, and Selvin Young: meaning it doesn't take much to win its just a matter of luck.

    • wrong decision for a few reason why, chris perry just put up 1 point this week, palmer is banged up and the bengals line can't block NOONE LET ALONE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A TEAM THAT PLAYS BALTIMORE AND PITT 2 times each i'd say you are even on the lee evans and roy williams but you could of kept jones drew and got a better qb then matt ryan on free agency

    • Why was it the wrong decision? I need some reasoning behind it. Williams/Jones-Drew are two of the most inconsistant players for fantasy football and Ryan is worth about 10 points a week. I can't win without a qb.

      Palmer is definately going to do work the rest of the season, Evans isn't bad - especially as a backup for my team, and Perry will be ok when Palmer livens up. Plus I am starting to gain confidence in Slaton for Houston.

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      • The problem is that you are assuming they will get better. MJD is on a run-first team, is splitting carries and still has more yards than Perry. The Bengals are pass-first.

        As far as Roy Williams is concerned, you did good by getting Lee Evans. The Bills are playing well and Evans is putting up good numbers.

        Carson Palmer isn't playing like Carson Palmer. Although Matt Ryan isn't great, he is doing better than Palmer, if only by a little bit.

        I guess it comes down to what you get points for and what you don't. You mentioned that the wideout would be a backup on your team. Unfortunately, that means whatever numbers he puts up do you no good. RB is the more important position of the two and you downgraded that position for a better bench receiver. Palmer and Ryan are basically a wash, with Ryan having better numbers. If Palmer would be used as a backup, there really isn't a reason to trade for him.

        Assuming you are starting the RB position, this trade ended up hurting you. That is why it was a bad trade.

    • bad move traded for 2 bungles and the only thing u upgraded was wr....carson may be out awile!!

    • good players to dump bad players to get. You've been had.

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