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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 29, 2008 8:06 PM Flag

    Did I make the right decision?

    the QBs involved are not starters in any league so they are irrelevant to the trade. roy williams has done nothing, and neither has jones-drew (except when he played Indianapolis who cannot stop the run if my mother was the RB)

    you got a lil better at WR, and a lil worse at RB, so its really a wash. perry and jones-drew aren't starters on a championship team. williams and evans are 3rd WR's on a good team

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    • Am I missing something? Didn't Pamer through for 4200 yards and 26 td's the last 2 years? You apparentley don't know anything about football because Pamer is a very good QB, the team around him just isn't good (Chad Johnson). I am not too worried about Perry either, he is just a backup. I believe that with Edwards as the QB, Evans is much better than Williams. But saying that none of these players are good enough to win on a championship team is kind of ludicris. I won a championship last year with Tavaris Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez, Reggie Brown, Antwan Randel El, the back up RB for Saints, and Selvin Young: meaning it doesn't take much to win its just a matter of luck.


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