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  • Kip Kip Sep 27, 2008 7:39 PM Flag

    Slaton & Evans for Fitzgerald, Jennings, or T.O.?

    Slaton & Evans for Fitzgerald, Jennings, or T.O.?

    Start 2 RB & 2 WR, PPR League

    My RB's
    R Bush
    J Jones
    S Slaton - Offering Trade
    D McFadden
    R Williams
    K Watson

    My WR's
    B Edwards
    D Bowe
    L Evans - Offering Trade
    Roy Williams - Sorry a** Fantasy Production...again!

    Bonus 5pts for 100yds Rush, 100yrd Receive, 25 carries

    Fitzgerald Owner Has A Peterson for Only Starting RB & Colston only other WR worth anything

    T.O. owner has L. Maroney, D. McAllister, R. Brown, M Pittman & Westbrook, WR's Moss, P Crayton, C Chambers H Ward

    Jennings Owner is Stacked with Wideouts but all RB's are dinged

    Thoughts Please???

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    • Colston I like...thanks I'm outta here

    • One guy I think you should definitely try to target would be Colston as you do have a bit of depth at WR - you desperately need Braylon to pick things up for you...

      If you could snag Colston, Holmes and Engram and manage to stay afloat until Colston returns, the Steelers start playing better and Engram finds some form then you'll be in a fairly solid position - you will be gambling a little though and there's a chance that some or even all of those nice things might not come to pass - I doubht that will be the case though...

    • Already own Evans Bowe & R Williams ... this one will take some work...Thanks for the thoughts

    • Bush is a must own in a PPR league so you want to hang onto him...

      You need to sit on Braylon for a at least a couple of weeks now that you have not moved him in the first fgew weeks because you won't get enough back in return for where you drafted him.

      You could try to go for a classic sell-high/buy-low deal by shifting Jones for someone who's struggling a little (maybe Santonio Holmes would be a good target although he's starting to bother me a bit).

      Of course you would not offer that straight up initially - maybe working a two-for-two where you get a slight upgrade elsewhere...

      Another idea might be to target someone like colston if you've got enough depth to cover him for the next month or so...

      You're not going to get a stud for him by any means, but you should be able to nab a decent 2nd tier WR (someone on Bowe's level, which is where I was projecting Holmes to be)

    • My other options to offer are J Jones or R Bush in a PPR league & D Bowe or B Edwards...thoughts

    • I'm telling you it is good for you but the other manager might not (or rather should not) accept it...

      You're aming too high for what you're willing to give up I'm afraid - the most gettable out of the three would be Jennings and even he would be out of reach...

      Fitzgerald and T.O. - forget it altogether until you're willing to give a better WR or a better RB (and I mean someone who's nearly a stud in his own right)...

    • DAMMIT! That's why I asked. I've convinced ME this is a good trade

    • It does not matter - the other guy is a fool if he trades away a stud for an up-and-down WR and a rookie RB (who will hit the wall eventually)...

      There is no debate here - you're not offering enough by a long shot and I think you know it (you're trying to justify it with the weak/injured team defense and it just doesn't fly I'm afraid).

    • those guys are too good for 2 that arent proven fantasy players yet..try guys like holt or s holmes

    • No one in my league will take this trade. I think they're crazy...check it out


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