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  • Craig H Craig H Sep 24, 2008 1:51 AM Flag

    Ronnie Brown WR VALUE!!!!!

    This guy is officially an idiot and you should ignore him... =/

    If you've got a guy who just went off for 4 rushing TD's in a game who was the #1 scorer in fantasy last year until he was sidelined you don't go for a rookie who's done ok while the starters are out, an ageing WR on a team with a hurting QB who had one good game or a guy who is (struggling with) catching balls from a QB who has trouble establishing himself in games.

    You either aim high right now and see if anyone bites or sit on him for another week or two to see where he goes - you'll regret trading for a second rate WR if Ronnie does return to anything like the form he showed at the beginning of last year...

    He looked damned good on the weekend - he was cutting hard, showing a good burst of speed and breaking through tackles so there was a lot to like about his game even before you consider the scores...

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    • I could have told him to go for TO or Moss or Andre Johnson, but the fact is he wouldn't have gotten any of them to bite. He would have wasted his opertunity. If he wants a chance to dump Brown, take it on one of those recievers with an upside. If he wants to just have fun sending trade offers. Go for the best player you can.

      If you are going to comment on the forums, send him help, no one was suggested there. and you can't tell him that you think brown is a top 10 rb, he won't get top15 wr value from that.

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      • Again your lack of nous is positively astounding!

        You call that drivel you mentioned "playewrs with upside".

        Give me a break dude...

        For the record I gave him some good advice if you took the time to read past the initial insult (which was thoroughly deserved).

        Idiotic moves like the ones you suggested help other teams win leagues - he should either have a crack at someone who is struggling at RB (there's not a huge amount of depth in terms of RB's who are performing right now) and there would be 3-5 teams in every league who would be looking at their RB core with trepidation at this point - they're the teams you stick it to in a trade...

      • well im not dumb enough to trade him for a rookie that throws the ball away before reachin' the end zone!!! =P

        im gunna try to aim very high, i sent one for TO which i kno will get declined so thats a waste, umm, cotchery im thinkin' about, dont want braylon, moss or andre, mb fitz or greg jennings......


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