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  • Craig H Craig H Sep 18, 2008 8:54 PM Flag

    Cassell for Sproles?

    I don't think you need to trade for Cassel - just drop Brady and pick up an FA quarterback...

    You kinds need sproles right now - I'd be probing the guy who has LT to see if you can get something out of him (your WR's are ordinary and so are your backup RB's) - your lineup is surffering from a classic case of the 2008 strain of I-drafted-a-QB-too-early-and-missed-everyone-at-the-other-skill-spots-itis... ;)

    I don't mean to me mean (pun not intended), but even with Brady healthy your squad would look ordinary - your WR's are positively awful and you've got _no_ real depth at RB... =/
    so pick up an FA quarterback and try to make a move to get something at WR or a backup at RB for sproles from the manager who has LT.

    I'd also be sifting the FA list if I were you - there's got to be a few decent options there that would at the very least upgrade some of your bench guys...

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    • Thanks for your help. Its a keeper league. I actually grabbed Brady off waivers because he'll be an inexpensive keeper in the system we use, and there are many bench spots. You are right, I need a WR. Is my current guy gonna come around you think?

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      • lol - you couldn't have told me that in the first place...

        You still need another QB because Anderson and the Browns are showing dangerous signs of mailing it in for the rest of the season.

        Anderson didn't play _that_ badly last week but he got no help at all from his receivers, who have been disinterested at best - in addition they're struggling to get the ground game going so there's no help on that front either.

        Couple that together with the one of the worst scheds I've seen in recent times (the only bright spot is that they play the Bengals twice) and it makes the Browns hard to like this year.


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