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  • Andrew Andrew Sep 17, 2008 8:30 PM Flag

    Should I trade Ryan Grant?

    There is a guy in my league who needs a RB and he has McNabb on the trading block. Is a Grant for McNabb a fair deal or do I need to add more, like D. Anderson?

    My other RBS are Barber, Jacobs and S. Morris. MY QBS are D. Anderson and T. Edwards

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    • Wait, Grant for McNabb, and you think you should add more to the deal? Man, you should be able to return more than McNabb for Ryan Grant. I know Grant's not 100% but he's a first-round draft pick!

      Don't settle or sell yourself short. Grant's a great trade piece, at the very least. However, despite needing a QB, you're much better off keeping a guy like Grant in this situation. It might not be a bad idea (in fact, it's a great idea) to either pickup or acquire Brandon Jackson. He's the handcuff to Ryan Grant. You could trade both to somebody for some great talent.

      Though, if you feel like you really need McNabb, you shouldn't have to add anything more than Ryan Grant to the deal. Personally, I think you're selling yourself short. But maybe that's just me...

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      • I would disagree that Grant was a 1st rounder to start with, but he is capable of getting a lot of points. Right now you would be lucky to get a straight swap for McNabb though.

        I would say hold on to Grant for now. He'll probably bounce back once he's healthy and you can get more for him. No point in drafting him and then selling him low.

    • I thinking right now Grant doesn't have much value as he hasn't been able to put up many points. McNabb is having an awesome year so far. You will definitely need to add more to the trade if you are going to pull it off at all

    • Any help is great, thanks.


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