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  • Chris H Chris H Sep 17, 2008 10:20 AM Flag

    Burress and Roddy White for Chris Johnson and L. White

    I am in need of RB bad. My only viable RB is Jamal Lewis, but I have several WR Plax, Braylon, Roy Williams, Roddy White, James Hardy, Desean Jackson, Justin Gage, Devin Hester. We are in a 4 player keeper and I kept Rudi Johnson (had to declare this in early July) and everyone else kept most every other RB. Premier RB score better on average then WR, but average RB score just as well as WR or TE. QB score the best and I kept Peyton Manning since 2003.

    Anyway, This is a League where I DO NOT have to play any RB if I don't want to. I can play 5 skill players that form any regulation Football formation (So, I can do 5 WR, I have been playing 1 RB and 4 WR)

    So I have been trying to get Johnson and L White from a guy who has S-Jax, Portis and Turner, therefore he can not play the two TEN RB as you can't play more than 3 RB as a rule (in a wishbone type formation).

    Should I give up Burress for these two TEN RB? I care very little for Roddy White, and he lives in the ATL.

    Is Johnson a Keeper next year?

    I need advice, Should I counter with Braylon or is that just as bad? Should I ask for Turner instead?

    Please help

    Da Twelfthman of Lions Section 115, if you sat in my section you would know me.


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