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    • I have both Cutler and Brees. I would like to start Cutler and just got a trade offer to let go of Brees + Edgerin James and receive Michael Turner + Brandon Marshall.
      What do you think?

    • Alright I wanted to know who this favors more. The guy I am trying to trade had Brady. I am trying to give him Brees and Thomas Jones for Gore. I already have A.P., Forte, and Jacobs. This is only an 8 team league and all of my positions are stacked. Wr's I have Owens, Burress, Calvin Johnon, Steve Smith (from a trade) and DeShawn Jackson. My back up QB is Rogers. With Cambell for a possible backup on FA.

    • I have the following on my starting team

      P. Manning
      Hines Ward
      Andre Johnson
      Michael Turner
      Santana Moss
      Isaac Bruce
      Chris Cooley

      Felix Jones
      Darren Sproles
      Deuce McAllister
      Sidney Rice
      Rudi Johnson
      Michael Jenkins
      Jason Campbell

      Was offered both Matte Forte and Eddie Royal
      for Andre Johnson by an owner with strong RB's and QB's with fair/good WR presence on his team

    • Willie Parker for Andre Johnson. I'm deep at RB, he's deep at WR. Although he already has Earnest Graham and Brandon Jacobs at RB. Think he'd accept it?

    • Being that I own Ryan Grant, should I trade Kevin Smith for Brandon Jackson? Ryan Grant is my #2 back behind Marshawn Lynch, and his hamstring really isn't holding up so well. The only RB's I have on my bench are Selvin Young (doesn't get enough carries), Ronnie Brown (holding out on him to get the starting job and 20 touches a game after Ricky Williams gets benched) and Kevin Smith (the most valuable of the 3)

    • My team:

      QB: Garrard, Kitna
      RB: McFadden, Westbrook, Forte, Johnson(Ten)
      WR: T.O., TJH, Gonzalez, Crayton, R.Williams
      TE: Shockey, Daniels
      K: Crosby
      DEF: Dallas

      I need QB help bad. Do I accept...

      Trade A:
      Ryan Grant
      Eli Manning



      Trade B:
      Peyton Manning



      Or should I try to get Cutler from same person that has Peyton?

      Please Help!!!! Thanks

    • C. Palmer for K. smith I own K. smith or Jake D. for K. Smith

      my other RB's are M. lynch & Jonathan stewart my league is 9 active and 7 Reserve

      so we start QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 DST and 1 ID

      we can only have 1 QB 1 RB 1 WR 1 TE 1 DST and 1 ID for our back ups

      my QB's are M. Hassellbeck and T. Edwards

    • should i trade felix jones for santana moss?

    • Best option?

      My RB's right now are Westbrook, Mcgahee, Fred taylor, Chester Taylor, Norwood and PIttman.

      Should I drop one and pick up Bradshaw or P.Thomas?

      OR should I drop and try to improve on my receivers?

      Andre Johnson, Driver, Ocho, and A. Gonzalez.

      Some available are Stuckey, Bruce, V.Jackson, Gage, Baskett and Jones.

    • I just asked this on the boards w/no replies: Should I keep starting Palmer or should I bench him for the likes of Garrard or JT O'Sullivan until he starts producing? I have TJH also, so I am trying to think long term here. Any thoughts?


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