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    Here to help.

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    • I drafted Palmer and Anderson for my QB's, and then got Rodgers in the third to last round for a back up, thank goodness. What is up with these guys? And I don't even want to talk about LT. My first round picks never work out. Last year I picked Larry Johnson and Steven Jackson in the first round and we know how well that worked out. Here's my team - any comments? Thanks. :)

      Aaron Rodgers QB
      Carson Palmer QB
      Derek Anderson QB (bench)
      Reggie Wayne WR
      Brandon Marshall WR
      Dwayne Bowe WR
      LT RB
      Chris Johnson RB
      Matt Forte RB
      Chris Cooley TE
      Marvin Harrison WR (bench)
      Jamal Lewis RB (bench)
      Derrick Mason WR (bench)
      Sammy Morris RB (bench)
      Darren Sproles RB (bench) - I just picked him up since LT is up in the air
      Nate Kaeding K
      Minnesota and Seattle for Defense

    • my top rb is steven jackson, but he hasnt done anything in two weeks bc of his offensive line...should i go out and try and trade him? im definetly hurting at rb

      heres my team:
      eddie royal
      andre johnson
      steven jackson
      jonathan stewart
      anthony gonzalez
      sammy morris
      jon kitna
      john carney (NY)
      minn/tenn defense

    • can you also look at mine. studdddlyy team

    • Can you look at my post "Stud Team??" Any advice would help

    • Here's my team:

      QB: Roethlisberger, Rodgers
      WR: Edwards, Boldin, Bowe, Royal, Kevin Walter
      RB: Grant, Jamal Lewis, Fred Taylor, Andre Hall, Brandon Jackson
      TE: Tony Gonzalez, Fasano
      K: Josh Scobee
      DEF Giants

      14 team H2H league. I just traded Philip Rivers(and threw in Javon Walker) for Jamal Lewis trying to make my RB corps salvageable, but Lewis didn't do much this week either, and Grant looked terrible. Fred Taylor, well, I don't even know where to start there, and Hall and Jackson are just sitting there most of the time. I might drop Fasano for another TE, Carlson is on the FA list and he's about the only target left for Seattle to throw at.

      I'm thinking about trying to find another decent running back though, like Matt Forte, and maybe see if anyone will take Taylor and Walter for a RB somewhere near there. Any suggestions? Should I trade Edwards and see what I can get for him?

    • in a 12-team league, and my team sucks. my best guess would put me at about the 10-11th strongest team. sucky draft...

      regardless, i'm looking to make some changes. i'm trying to pick up a quality QB, as i'm starting Garrard right now. my WR core is weak as well. i'm proposing a trade:

      i give: D. Garrard, L. Johnson, M. Colston
      i receive: P. Manning, S. Moss

      looking at projected stats and draft order, i'm probably giving up too much, but with injuries and the embarrasingly worse-than-expected offense of KC, i'm now starting to think this won't be enough. however, i'm still going to offer it, as he still has a decent QB on the bench (Eli) and has the WRs to make up for the loss of Moss, while Colston's remains injured.

      your thoughts? giving up too much (doubtful)? too little?

      my worries are that i might be overvaluing Moss a bit and getting rid of Colston while he may still have an outstanding 2nd half.

      my team:
      QB: Garrard, Delhomme
      RB: SJax, LJ, Edgerrin, Stewart, Norwood
      WR: Colston, Ward, Royal, Curtis, Henderson
      TE: Witten
      K: Scobee
      DEF: Dallas

    • Chargers D. What other defense can i get for it in a 12 team keeper league? With smart managers, we play 2 defenses and i also have eagles and raiders.


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