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  • Craig H Craig H Sep 9, 2008 7:27 AM Flag

    drop santana moss for rodgers?

    That's a bad move - you've got hardly any depth at WR right now and you want to ditch a WR (granted Moss isn't a stud but he's decent enough and might just surprise a few people this year) for a third QB?

    I don't mind the idea of getting Rodgers in itself, but you need to shift some of that RB depth rather than dropping a WR...

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    • hard to drop forte and chris johnson is all. the other rbs cant be dropped. i was planning on trading one of my rbs for a receiver better than moss.

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      • The problem with plans like that is that you're relying on another manager to give you a good deal, which might not happen...

        I'd cool my heels for a bit if I were you - you don't need 4 backup RB's but I agree that it's hard to drop Forte or Johnson (if I was going to choose one to keep it would be Forte at this point though because he'll get as many touches as he can handle in the bears offense and he moved well in his first game).

        If I were you I'd probably try for a 2-for-1 deal where you shift an RB and Moss for someone a little better than moss - then you can pick up someone off the FA list to fill whatever other needs you have.

        Looking at your lineup you are suffering from having too many upside guys - they're hard to drop but also hard to trade until they prove themselves, so I suspect you'll be stuck whewre you are for a bit until thinks shake out a little more over the next few weeks...


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