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    i am in a league where people drafted 5 or 6 qb's each and they started drafting them in the first round. now i am stuck without a qb because who expects to draft one that early and nobody will trade one to me. tell me this league isn't full of a bunch of c*nts? the name of the league is cheeseheadsaregonnaroll and the douchebag commish is johnnie spank he does nothing about this cheating going on

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    • LJ you are an idiot.....i am NOT complaining......i have already said that like 3 times that i am very happy because i beat them all to cassel and i also have huard and i am now getting brees hasselbeck and kitna.........so stfu my team rocks now

    • Overall this seemed pretty gay it was a waste of TIME! I think this is fake and/or your just lookin to get a kick out of this! ANYWAYS back to the matter! No matter what when it comes down to it U HAD THE POWER TO DRAFT WHO U WANTED!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!! thats the bottom line! if your so called "auto pick" second team picked Qb's then u should have fig it out to pik them too but since u WERE CHEATIN from the beginin u just let ur "Second" team pick up the Qb's while u were pikin all the other high rankin players!!! (that takes some pre-thought to have another team so who REALLY started the cheatin!!)
      So in all u ended up gettin Descent Qb's anyways, so why all this cryin and now u picked up Cassel so......Why should they trade with u now? U have top players and now Qb's HOW IS THAT FAIR? While they wasted piks gettin qb's u got the other good players(your CHOICE!) but U HAD ANOTHER TEAM GETTIN TOP QB's THAT (NOW) UR TRADIN WITH URSELF! Come on there should be no complaints they should be talkin to ur comish not U! So it seems way to fishy on ur part and on top of it all WHY GIVE OUT ALL THAT INFO BOUT UR LEAGUE AND COMISH? HMmmmm.... i wonder??? maybe fake or maybe ur the one who really runs the league. IF THIS IS REAL STOP CRYIN, APPARENTLY UR THE ONE WHO IS GAININ FROM THE SO CALLED "CHEATIN" which seems that u started!!!! anyways watever get over it peace!!!!!!!!!!!!

      dude most of these fools on here were just pointing out the things that were UR bad and that didnt make sense thats all U started the name callin! GROW UP no need for that kind of LANGUAGE!!!!! im guessin ur just some kid.....?

    • lol i cant believe ur gunna do that... gettin' brees off ur other team with most likely stacked at RB/WR's cause of the other managers takin' QB's like that.... commisioner wont allow it, im sure u'll get booted, i seen the other trade that u sed was bullshit but thats fair as hell compared to snaggin' brees for free off of another (ur) team..... be expected to get replaced!!!!

    • i am....i have cassel and huard and will soon have brees hasselbeck and kitna

    • in my other league i was in some guy owned 7 of ten teams with different profiles, lol u are the cheater not them and if this isnt for money and u cheating on free fantasy football get a life

    • You started cheating by having 2 teams in the same league before you were out QBed in the draft. I belive the others knew of this and that is why no one want to deal with you. Something is not right in your story. If what you said is true then you would have a much better team. I see 4 good players and a lot of no name non starting players on your team. I belive half of what you report is the truth. If you already had this other team with 3 QB's why tell anyone? Just do as you planned and cheat sending the QB's to your so called Championship team.

      And yes I am fully expecting some potty mouth reply. My question is How long have you not taken your medication?

    • good luck ur just some chick on a message board he wont believe sh*t.....besides he is the douchewad who allowed teams to draft 5 and 6 qbs so he wont care

    • maybe I will email your commish, maybe give him the link to this post where you admit to having 2 teams and plan to trade with yourself, heh thanks for the email address

    • boo hoo so what..........go tell my commish lol he wont care.......his email is johnspakosky@yahoo.com

      your name makes me think your just a dumb broad anyway

    • well you really just got shafted there. theres no qb's good enough to take there, and i'm guessing they took more in the next round so theres not much you can do

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