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  • Chris Chris Sep 5, 2008 4:00 PM Flag

    first year player

    You're not in bad shape. If you want to bring in a top RB I'd consider trading Romo. I think Garrard is very solid, so if you get a decent back up QB in return you'll still be solid at QB. You may have to give up Parker or Maroney in the deal too so only do a Romo/Maroney (or Parker) deal if you're gonna land LT, Westbrook, or Peterson along with a good QB like Rivers, Hasselback, or Schaub.

    I wouldn't be in bad shape to try out the roster you have as it is for a while too. You have a good sleeper WR in Ginn.

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    • thanks. yeah nobody will give up ap or lt, but i tried a good deal with romo parker and evans for rivers and jackson to get jackson. he made a horrible trade for owens instead... but thanks, yeah i hope ginn can come through i mean i dont know who else pennington is gonna throw to


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