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  • Rob Rob Sep 4, 2008 1:56 PM Flag

    got a question?? ask here

    ask me anything i'll try my best to give u the best advice possible......

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    • 10 man league H2H: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, K, Def, D

      What I got and how I ranked them:
      QB1 - Carson Palmer
      QB2 - Derek Anderson
      RB1 - Joseph Addai
      RB2 - Jamal Lewis
      RB3 - Felix Jones
      RB4 - Tim Hightower
      WR1 - Reggie Wayne
      WR2 - Chad Johnson, whoops, Ocho Cinco haha
      WR3 - Derrick Mason
      WR4 - Bernard Berrian
      WR5 - Javon Walker
      TE- Todd Heap
      K - Rob Birones
      DEF - Baltimore
      D - Urlacher

      I feel that I should get rid of F.Jones but he's my sleeper or Hightower, but I have a feeling he's going to take over for Old Edgerrrin. Should I find a backup TE?

      Any advice, please, anything helps, from start order to anything, the more opinionated, the better.

      Owen Daniels

      Not a whole lot of selection left.
      Ladell Betts
      DeShaun Foster
      Andre Hall
      Dominic Rhodes

      Donte Stallworth
      Devin Hester
      Bryant Johnson
      Sidney Rice
      Drew Bennett
      Darrell Jackson
      Jabar Gaffney

      Vince Young
      Jason Campbell

      Thank you kind sir

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      • nice to see the ocho cinco and palmer hook up... i would get rid of hightower, that guy wont do anything lol (in my opinion anyways) but then again u do only have a few RB's so u should keep him as a sleeper... do u get kick return points?, most likely not cause hester is still available, n' go see if branch is available, quite a few leagues are forgettin' bout him.. but yeh, as u mentioned a back up TE, snag daniels he should have an alright year, schaub's a pretty solid QB

    • so i just drafted my team.. and here is how i stand in my 12 team H2H

      QB- Big Ben
      WR- Colston
      WR- Cotchery
      RB- Westbrook
      RB- Jamal Lewis
      TE- Owen Daniels
      W/R- Ted Ginn

      BN- Kevin Smith
      Bn- Steve Breaston (strictly for return yards)
      BN- Maurice Morris
      BN- John Kitna
      BN- Kevin Boss
      BN- Andre Davis.

      I'm thinking about proposing a trade to get one more all star WR. The trade is

      I give:
      Jamal and Ginn

      I get:
      Jonathan Stewart and Anquon Boldin

      This is a point per reception league too, so Boldin is more valuable. Please any adivce helps, shoudl i do it?

    • what u sed was pretty disrespectful lol... if ur not jealous then go ahead and start a thread wit givin' advice... why would u tell me ur point is for me not to give advice if im not givin' good advice... from the looks of it im givin' pretty good advice, if diff ppl keep askin' which they are so it must not be to bad!!

      and no i dont remember you from the baseball board lol, to many ppl to remember

    • i need help on who I should cut for a kicker. We are in a ppr+ret yrd & td league w/ plenty on bonuses for 100+ yrd games etc.

      my bench players are:
      cutler, d.hester, d. jackson(phi), slaton, l.washington, ray rice, chris johnson, and deangelo williams.

      I know, i went crazy on the sleeper rb's

    • double-posting is awesome!

      Anyway, as per this thread suggested...

      I have - LT, SJax, Chargers D, R. Brown, C. Johnson

      He has - Owens, Welker, Lynch

      I would like to trade SJax for Welker/Lynch. He would like me to sweeten the deal with Chargers D. Should I be getting more for that package, yes or no?

    • david n you're the shit dude. because of your advice, i'm #1 and #2 in my baseball leagues. thanks a lot bro

    • haha lets see I

      1) didn't say anything disrespectful to you

      2) am bored since its 130 at night and can't sleep

      and 3) why would i be jealous? I can start a thread anytime I want, do you not remember me from the baseball boards because I remember you.

      The point is-don't give advice if you don't got good advice to give is what I meant, sorry..just telling it like it is.

    • Which one of these guys do i start (ONLY 1)!

      Kenny Watson/Ray Rice/Bernard Berrian/Kevin WAlter?

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      • see if mcgahee practices the next few days cause he sure will be limited givin' ray rice a chance for quite a few carries... kenny watson i dunno bout the first few weeks, but he will take over chris perry by week 3 to 5....

        but as of right now, mcgahee is lookin' like a 50% chance of playin' so they will take it easy on him the first week hopefully (i have him in my money league) so i'd go wit ray rice....

    • i find it pretty pathetic that you get on my topic to say that after maaad ppl asked for my advice

      get a life dude, if u wanna start ur own topic to give ppl advice then go ahead be my guest... u dont have to get on my topic and talk shit man, alls im doin' is tryin' my best to help ppl out which obviously im doin' a pretty good job... learn sum respect u bastard

      ur either... 1) very disrespectful 2) bored out of ur mind or 3) jealous that everyone is comin' to me for advice

    • rob which side of this blockbuster do you like?
      Team A:
      Marques Colston
      Thomas Jones
      Owen Daniels

      Team B:
      Stephen Jackson
      Roddy White
      Jamal Lewis
      Jason Witten

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