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  • Rob Rob Sep 3, 2008 8:39 PM Flag

    i wanna keep this battle goin'

    c'mon guys... nobody has proved to me why i shouldnt have taken romo where i did

    2nd in fantasy points in leagues where all TD's are 6.... could of got addai but i'd rather have a guy who will double his yards and double his TD's... meaning WAYYY more points... c'mon fools, wut ya got for me??

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    • Since Ben Roethlisberger and Derek Anderson had more points last year than LT, I suppose your would take either one of them before LT. The difference between Romo and Ben last year where TD passes count for 6 points (as my league was) is less than 40 points. Difference between Westbrook or Addai and MJD (your second round pick) last year was about 100 points. I wish you were in my league.

    • no i think it was a good choice although most people would be going for RB's 1st round and I don't know when u got Romo but he would probably still have been there in the second

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      • 5th pick... my bro would have taken him with the 8th pick, thats another reason y i had to jump on him... if i passed on a QB all the good QB's were gone by my 2nd pick, i'd be stuck with a 20 TD garrard, cutler or sumtin' garbage like that.... i was smart tho and took romo and got decent enuff RB's without havin' an elite back........ but like i said before, all td's are 6 in this league so romo was a very good choice

        these other fools are goin' off on how garbage romo is and how stupid i am which makes totally no sense to me but idc... i kno my football, i kno how many leagues i've won in, i've won in like 80% of my football leagues the past 3-4 seasons, i'd say im a pretty smart manager!!!

    • i would rather have romo over peyton in a heart beat..


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      • me and you both... theres a bunch of fools who think romo is an overall pick of 20's to 40's lol..... yeh, 2nd best fantasy pts last season and thats where they think he should be drafted...

        im jus thinkin' their all in leagues where their QB's dont get as much credit as they should... 4 pts a TD and god knows wut their yardage pts look like


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