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  • cutler should be good when marshall gets back..how do you feel about garrard hes my qb

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    • Jags are a running team, so I don't know if I would want their QB for my primary QB. However, he is solid, has better receivers this year, makes few mistakes, and will often face a stacked box when he passes since they run so much. I would rank him below Warner, McNabb, and Cutler, but above Campbell, Eli Manning, and Rodgers.

    • A lot of it has to do with your league and how it is set up. I've got Garrard and Cutler as my two QBs, and I feel very comfortable with them in the league that I'm in, but I wouldn't be thrilled with either of them as my #1 guy if I was in a Yahoo standard public league.

      In a public league the most important thing is to have a guy who is asked to throw a lot, which will result in lots of yards, above average # of TDs, and likely lots of INTs (but those don't hurt you much in a public league). In our league we value yardage less than a Yahoo public league would, we value TDs more than a standard league would, and in our league turnovers will kill you. So, in my Yahoo public league last year Warner was the perfect guy to own in the second half, while in my private league, Garrard was the guy.

      In my format I like Garrard (and, as a backup, Cutler). If I had to start one of those two in a Yahoo public league it would be Cutler.


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