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    Who Should I Drop?

    So at the conclusion of the innagural draft of our keeper league, I realized that I had neglected to draft a kicker. Not a problem, because there were still decent kickers left on the board, but the issue is, I'm so in love with all of my players, I don't want to drop any of them.

    Here is my current Roster (by position)

    Jay Cuttler
    Kurt Warner

    Marion Barber
    Ryan Grant
    Willie Parker
    DeAngelo Williams
    Chris Johnson

    Marques Colston
    Santonio Holmes
    Calvin Johnson
    Brandon Marshall
    Donald Driver
    Robert Meachem

    Tony Scheffler


    We start 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1r/w/t, 1 def, 1k

    We get to keep 3 players next year but are penalized a draft pick one round better than what they were drafted at (so if I keep robert meachem who i drafted in the 15th, he will cost me a 14th round pick next year etc)

    I'm currently trying to trade Driver & Meachem for Kellen Winslow or J. Shockey to a guy who is very short-handed @ WR and has 2 good TE's. If that trade falls through, I need to drop someone (preferable by thursday, definitely by sunday) to pick up a kicker.

    I'm obviously stocked at WR and RB, so it will be likely one of them. Meachem is by far the lowest ranked player at those 2 positions, but i think he's soon to be a big thing and i got him with my last pick. if i were to drop him and pick him up on waivers later in the season, i would lose the ability to keep him for a 14th round pick, and have to take him for a 5th round.
    Driver is the oldest member of that squad who is of consideration. But he is such a good posession reciever, i see him having a huge season with a young QB looking for check-downs often.

    Others I've considered include Williams and Warner. But williams is a young player who may be about to break out depending on what stewart does, and i like the cuttler/warner qb position so i can play the matchups.

    should i offer a better pair of wr's for winslow?


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