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  • Ra-Sewn Ra-Sewn Sep 2, 2008 9:03 AM Flag

    Honestly, what do you guys think? (14 team PPR league)

    I hate me team with a passion, but I drafted 12th. I was hoping to draft somewhere around 4-9 but it didn't work out that way. Anyways, here's the damage.

    1 PP 50 Yards Passing
    +.5 for Completions -.5 for Incompletions
    1 PPR & 1 PP 12 Yards Rushing

    R1: Terrell Owens

    R2: Drew Brees (Jumped out the window for him but I didn't want any of the backs that were available)

    R3: Thomas Jones (Would Have took Calvin Johnson, but he went 2 picks before my turn)

    R4: Brandon Jacobs (Good Value Pick so late)

    R5: Santana Moss

    R6: Jeremy Shockey

    R7: Fred Taylor

    R8: Javon Walker (I'm a Raiders fan and hate Walker with a passion, but I felt he was the best value at this point. Especially if he could stay healthy, which is a big "if".)

    R9: Felix Jones (Nice Value I thought)

    R10: DeSean Jackson (Really happy about this one)

    R11: Tennessee Defense (Hated to Draft a Defense so Early, but about 10 flew off the board by this point. At least I got one I was comfortable with)

    R12: Devin Hester (My worst pick, trying to package him as I type)

    R13: Deion Branch (I know he's hurt, but he hasn't been placed on PUP which I think is a good sign, holding out hope and I ended up drafting him in all my drafts)

    R14: Randy McMichael (Could have picked Keller, but he can't block so he won't be on the field as much as McMichael. Plus, The Rams look like they are going to utilize the TE more this year)

    R15: Trent Edwards (Waited so long for a Back-Up because I was holding out for Favre, Warner & Garcia, all three went way too early so I just waited till the end to get Edwards. Plus, I like his match-up on Brees's Bye Wee)

    R16: Mason Crosby

    R17: Dwayne Jarrett

    Overall, when compared to a lot of other teams in my league, on paper, I feel as though I have the 4th best team in the league. Though my names aren't that sexy, I think I'm solid enough to know what to expect every week barring major injury. I really want to upgrade at Receiver and make Moss my Third receiver while keeping Jackson and getting rid of Hester & Walker. Any suggestions on how to tweak this bad boy?

    **By the way** Here's the starting line-up

    QB - Brees
    WR - Owens, Moss & Walker/Jackson (contingent on matchups)
    RB - Jacobs & Jones
    TE - Shockey
    K - Crosby
    Def - Tenn

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    • I think your team looks good but you should dump Randy McMichael

      the Rams have a bad O line and I don't see him catching a lot of passes

      Javon Walker is probably a bust

      Jamarcus is young and I doubt he will have success early

      Zak Miller is the guy Russell has the most comfort level with

      I would take Miller over McMichael

    • I think you team looks solid with the exception of D. Hester. I am just not so sure about him either. Maybe you can wait it out a while and see what develops as season goes on.

    • Your probably right, but it's worth the shot. If he comes back and ask for both Jacobs and Jones, I will have to seriously consider it. With the lack of RB on the wire in our league, it's a serious paradox. He's obviously going to drop Chris Brown who's out for the year on IR so there goes one more running back off the waiver wire if he doesn't take this trade.

    • for a 14 team league your team looks very solid, jacobs and jones will be enough to keep you going but you should look for some matchup running backs......most of your points will come from brees and your recievers though, good job on those picks

    • I think for a 14 team league you've got a great team, so don't worry. Your top 2 wrs are solid, your QB of course is great, which is important for a large league, you have two rbs that are at least high-end number 2s on most teams, with ability to outperform their preseason projected ranks. I really like Jacobs in the 4th round especially. Your 3rd WR is good too because you got two guys who are great sleepers, two of my top 10 sleepers at the WR position. You could really go out on a limb and trade away Thomas Jones, Felix, and Hester for one of those top of the line WRs- Braylon, Wayne, or Andre. Maybe try getting Marshall or Steve Smith a little cheaper than usual because of their lil suspensions. I would expend Thomas Jones though, I just don't like him, and i think he's a good way to get dominant at WR while still having solid backs like Jacobs and Taylor as your starters. Good Luck and thanks for answering my post.

    • i too might consider dumping your back up tight end and getting what i call "insurance" like ward or bradshaw if jacobs goes down.

      or dump/trade hester or branch for a back rb

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      • I know people are down on Jacobs, but I didn't realize they were this down on him. Especially at the spot that I got him. Jones on the other hand was somebody I targeted. I knew from the start I wanted him and toyed with the idea of taking a change on a receiver at the end of the 3rd but once Megatron went, I just dug into Jones and grabbed Jacobs on the comeback. I could have grabbed Roy Williams instead, but I've had him almost every season he's been the league and he's done nothing but underacheive for my squads based off the position he was drafted in.

        As far as my RB depth. I was hoping to pick up Ricky Williams, Chris Perry of Steve Slaton, but all three went way too early for my liking. I have Bradshaw on my watch list, but I won't make any sudden moves for him. I don't think Bradshaw is "handcuff" worthy in all honestly.

        Overall, I'm "ok" with my team, I just really want to get rid of Walker & Hester. I'm hoping Champ doesn't play in the opener and Walker can be motivated that he's playing against his old team and have a big game on Monday Night too give him some value, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not even starting him this week (going with DeSean Jackson against the Rams)

        I really want Westbrook though. I'm trying to offer a package of Jacobs, Hester & Walker for him, but I don't think the owner will bit even though his team is horrible.

    • Yeah, I'm a bit jealous - i think Brees will carry you this season - he's posed to be the best in the league, all the ducks are lined up for him.

      The only area i feel you are sketch on is RB. Jones could end up being a huge steal - with the Jets grabbing Alan Faneca for the O-Line - he's huge. And with Favre now, the wide array of options the Jets have now on offense will help Jones i think. But, it would be nice to have a more solid RB from the first round but going 12th, it's hard, i know.

      You did good with your position, though.

    • I would never want that team.

      I can't trust having Jacobs and Jones at RB. 14 teams is hard but I have to take RB before TO and Brees in such a deep league.

      Santana and Jevon as a 2nd and 3rd WR isn't pretty either...

      my 14 team league...

      Torry Holt
      Roy Williams
      Wes Welker

      Kevin Curtis
      Selvin Young
      Ahmad Bradshaw
      Jerious Norwood

    • Think you did pretty well for a 14 team league. I think your biggest mistake was drafting Thomas Jones with your 3rd pick. I really don't like him, but we'll see. People keep telling me he's gonna be better this year, but he averaged 2.4 yds/carry in the pre-season, so I don't see it.

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