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  • D.R D.R Aug 29, 2008 6:48 PM Flag

    giving up peterson... please help

    do it.. AP is gonna have the sophomore slump hasselbeck lost his top 2 WRs and hes slowly falling apart and crayton is a decent slot WR but nothing compared to TJ. Gore is gonna have a breakout year now that martz can help improve their passing game palmer is a top 5 QB and he had over 20 TDs last year with alot of yards and that was considered a bad year and TJ does amazing every year and now that Chad "Ocho Cinco" (just changed his name) has a torn labrum TJ will take away alot of receptions. So if you dont take the rade you are an idiot

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    • Hasslebeck will be the same without Branch and Engram. Burleson, Taylor and Obomanu will surprise you

      Now that I've defended my team, I will now advise you to stay the eff away from that deal. You can get better value for AP.