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  • Josh T Josh T Aug 28, 2008 11:38 AM Flag

    Addai or Jackson?

    I think it is kind of a wash, but I think I would go with S Jax and here is why.

    1. He is the cornerstone of the Rams offense, the #1 option. He is going to see a ton of carries, as well as a lot of passes. He will be in on goaline plays, 3rd downs, always.

    2. Addai is just one piece of a high powered offense. Wayne, Harrison, Gonzalez, and Clark are all going to see their fair share of balls.

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    • I would have to agree with you about Addai but you might have to actually start to take Harrison out of there. However Jacksons offense is so bad D's will key on him and make them win by passing. If you watched any of there games last year he had trouble running with defenses stacking the line and got frustrated. If the Rams can pass then yes he is the better choice but if not i can't see it.


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