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    Fantasy Tip - Draft Day Steals

    Hello everybody, I am going on my 6th year of fantasy football and know my stuff pretty well at this point. I am going to list a couple of players that I think have great value which people can steal in the later rounds.

    Thomas Jones, RB New York Jets : Thomas Jones is entering his 2nd season in New York. His first year was claimed as a disappointment by many people. He only rushed for 1,119 yards and 1 measly touchdown on 3.6 YPC. This year is quite different. Instead of looking to find a better RB, the Jets carved the way to Jones' future success. They brought in Pro Bowl guard Alen Faneca from the Pittsburgh Steelers and former Detroit Lion center Damien Woody. In addition they added strong blockers with tight end Bubba Franks and fullback Tony Richardson. These 4 strong additions will open up gaping holes for Jones to run through. In addition to this, the Jets signed future hall of famer Brett Favre. Favre finally brings a strong passing attack to New York that was needed. This will force defenses to pay attention the passing game instead of only paying attention to the Jets rushing attack. Defenses will back off because of Favre's deep ball threat opening even more holes for Thomas Jones. Look what Ryan Grant did last year when critics were saying that Green Bay had no rushing game. Thomas Jones' current average draft position in Yahoo! Leagues is 85.9. Thomas Jones in my opinion is at least a top 15 RB and should be going in as early as the 3rd round in Yahoo! drafts. However, he is falling late into the drafts making him a great steal later on.

    Donald Driver, WR Green Bay Packers: Donald Driver is going into his 10th season with the Green Bay Packers. Many said last year was a complete disappointment while Driver only managed to find the end zone twice during the whole season. However, many forget that reached 80+ receptions and over 1000 yards for the fourth straight year in a row. He led the Packers last year in receptions and yards over most heralded Greg Jennings. He also played in 15 out of 16 games an oath to ability to avoid injuries. Since 2000, Donald Driver has only missed 5 games so you know what you are going to get out of him. Another thing to note is that touchdowns are almost impossible to predict. Who expected Greg Jennings to score as many touchdowns as he did? Case and point. Donald Drivers' average draft position in Yahoo! Drafts is 76.7. I would not be surprised to see Driver get back on track this year and score at least 5 touchdowns. Do not be afraid to go out and grab him in the 6th or 7th rounds. Heck, even the 5th round is not too early in my opinion. Driver is a strong sleeper that you can steal late.

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