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  • John John Aug 18, 2008 6:10 PM Flag

    My Roster

    1. (6) Randy Moss
    2. (15) Plaxico Burress
    3. (26) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    4. (35) Antonio Gates
    5. (46) Shayne Graham
    6. (55) New York
    7. (66) Michael Turner
    8. (75) Willie Parker
    9. (86) Marc Bulger
    10. (95) Edgerrin James
    11. (106) Bernard Berrian
    12. (115) D.J. Hackett
    13. (126) Tony Scheffler
    14. (135) Jon Kitna
    15. (146) Josh Brown

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    • i would question carrying 2 ks on the team (shayne graham and josh brown--both ks right??)
      i'd rather have 2 defs--at least you want to match up defs and finding the right def for the bye week on your primo def can be a challenge. kickers, on the other hand, vary greatly based largely on bizarre stuff like who drops a pass on 3rd down (so that a k gets 4 fg attempts rather than 1 or 2)
      your qbs look rather problematic as well. bulger might be okay if the o-line is better (orlando pace??), but kitna will be weaker (he turned weak the last 7 or so games last year) without the martz show.

    • I take it this was an autodraft. I'd rate this team a 4 out of 10 with severe problems at RB. Round 5 & 6 picks were a waste.

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      • you have a problem. turner might be okay at rb, but he won't make you competitive, nor will edge james.
        drafting a k before the last round is really awful (i might not draft a k--might just drop someone and pick up a k off waivers; i don't see any predictability in k fantasy output).
        drafting a def before rbs is pretty awful as well. i will draft a def, maybe even two, but after i have a couple of good rbs.
        i'd give this a draft score of 2 or 3 out of 10.
        sorry, but i'd project that you will have a tough time making your playoffs (unless something like 8 out of 10 teams make the playoffs.)

    • lmao plax at 15
      a k and def 4th and 5th rounds


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