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    Hasslebeck is gonna have a rough year...farve might have to be your starter...might be able to trade stephen jackson for a top ten QB...


    Braylon is going to rack up a lot of touchdowns (i am guessing atleast one every game with a break out 1 every 3 weeks)... Boldin is a tough number 2 WR cause he is sharing 50% of catches with Fitzgerrald...(might wanna see chopping him for a better QB as well!) Roy Williams is a great reciever but being on the lions doesnt help his point total....Last two WR's could be better...look for some younger players who you think might expload this season (i.e. calvin johnson...jericho cotchery...greg jennings)

    unless he gets injured...LT is #1 and you know that...Stephen Jackson is great pick and might even be worth a top 5 QB if you were to make a trade... as far as your last three go...i love your deangelo williams pick! I am not sure how the other two will play out... what are your thoughts?

    love ur TE and kicker...but thos are always hard spot to guess before season starts...so keep an open eye on matchups and the free agency....


    my top two picks for def this year are Pit and Gb
    they are gonna get picks and fumbles
    some for td's
    once again look for your matchups there as well

    I think you got a great start going but there are a few things to take into consideration with Qbs and WRs

    try and have your team where you want it by week 5 or 6


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