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    What do you think?

    Lastnight we had a draft in a 12 team keeper league. Custom settings. 1/2 point per reception. (this setting comes into play in the justification of the deal)....

    Team (A) trades Adrian Peterson to Team (B) for Reggie Bush, Phillip Rivers and Ricky Williams.

    Now team (A) has Matt Hasselbeck, so I am not sure how Phillip is an upgrade.

    Now the theory is that with the 1/2 pt per reception that Bush gets coupled with being paired with an ageing Duece in the back field that his fantasy value increases. (This might be true but I don't see a significant increase of value) Personally, I have never been sold on Bush as an elite back. Capable yes.

    Then this leaves Ricky. Yes he is having a good training camp. Yes in theory his legs are fresh and yes it appears Brown might not be 100%. But with what could be viewed as a suspect O-line and a less than good passing game and all of Ricky's past transgressions, I would see any expected value no more than a prayer or pipe dream.

    I had offered him Derek Anderson and Larry Johnson for AP to which he flat turned down due to his concerns of Larry. I was going to counter offer with Derek and Marion Barber for AP but he had already accepted the other deal.

    I expressed my opinion on the league board. Not bitching but expressing how I felt it was a crazy deal and that I would be exercising my option to veto.

    Do guys agree or disagree?

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