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  • John G John G Aug 17, 2008 12:25 AM Flag

    Brady vs. elite RBs

    Let's say I have the first pick of the draft ...Brady or one of the following: WB,LT,AP? (assuming all produce the expected stats) and ...need your input on why or why not one or the other. Trying to get a grip on the importance of an elite QB, vs. elite RB...and how you choose which one. thanks in advance!

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    • I would take 1 of the top 3 RBs. LT is the safe pick. AP could has the most potential thats if he doesnt get hurt like he did last year. Westbrook is always good hes running and catching balls out in the flat. Brady is good but hes not going to put up the number that he did last year. ESPN has rated that the Pats have the easiest run schedule in the NFL. The Pats r going to run the ball more cuz they lost the Super Bowl cuz they didnt have a run game. maroney is going to be a top 10 RB this year and maybe he might even crack the top 5.

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      • thus far i'm agreeing with everything you guys are saying. i recall reading that after Romo...there was only a 3 pt per game average difference in QBS 3-9. the only hesitation i have with going RB/RB instead of RB/studWR is that WRs seemed to be in short supply mid season when everybody's getting injured. but then again...the whole running back by committe deal makes me wanna get 2 stud RBS that get most of the carries and/or get lots of receptions like WB or Addai

      • ill tell you right now maroney isnt even near a top 10 back and i'm a diehard patriots fan. They have Lamont, Sammy Morris, and Heath Evans to steal all of his TD's. They are in a pass happy offense, and faulk is the 3rd down back. And, he's a bit injury-prone.

    • while brady (putting up expected stats) would end up with more overall points, im one who holds the philosophy of grabbing stud RBs early. its getting harder to find a stud RB thats not in a danged committee and one who will get a big chunk of carries. while you can typically grab a QB later in the draft (like DA or big ben in the fifth-ish round) that will put up top numbers. I've been doing good with that philosophy but to each his own.

    • ALWAYS take an RB 1st round and I also take one in the 2nd. What QB's can you get in rounds 4 and up. Brees, Palmer, Ben, Anderson, McNabb, Hasselback, Favre, Garrard. What RB's can you get...Turner maybe, rookies.

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      • i usually go RB WR RB WR...then QB. i got it that ya think 2 RBs are more important than sticking a WR in as second pick. but if Brady were available round one...you'd pass on him? I realize he probably won't put up the same numbers as last year...but that 100 pt separation from other QBs is difficult to resist. One last question: after the first 4 backs are taken would you take Brady at that point...or pick up the next back that's in line?


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