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  • Frank Frank Aug 14, 2008 4:46 PM Flag

    draft order

    whats position order would anyone recommend? I know RB in the first, but do I then go RB in the 2nd, and QB 3rd?

    I have rushing yrds-1 pt/10 yrds
    -6pts td
    QB-td=4 pts, 25yrds=1, 1int= -1
    wr-1reception=1 pt, td=6, 1pt=10 yards

    set up is:

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    • Set your rankings into tiers and always think a pick ahead. I would start at RB, but for the next rounds look at the talent available in your tiers. Notice where the point gaps are. The pts drop off after the top 4 QBs, top 10 RBs and top 5 WRs, so you should try to get as many of these as you can with your next two rounds. Also, if you have a tough decision between 2 positions, I would lean toward balance vs. best available. If you overload on one position too early, then those later round sleeper picks for that position do not provide you any value...in short, you have a smaller pool to be selecting players from.

    • my opinion is you take the best player available in the draft in the first few rounds and fill holes in the middle and late rounds, if you go in with that rigid of a plan and the top 8 RBs get drafted before you pick you end up missing out on a top RB and then passing up brady and moss. in my one pay league last year I took Moss first round after the usual top 5 RBs were taken and ended up winning the championship in large part because of him, the only guy even close to me had brady... yes they had an unreal year but theres no reason they can't do it again

    • rb


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