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  • bgill bgill Aug 13, 2008 6:51 PM Flag

    Rate My Draft.

    yea george i understand ur point but since its a 10 team he said cutler and i forget who else were available who are just as good as garrard who he can pick up if ben gets hurt.

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    • bill..you make a good point. i might play it too safe but i wouldn't assume that you would have garrard and cutler type qbs available by then. i'd rather make sure i have a solid qb like garrard now and thru the season just to be safe then rather than keep a guy like roddy white on my roster. i look at someone like roddy white as a middle of the pack wr and there are usually 15 to 20 of those guys available any given week (a guy who might pick up 75 yds and might score a td). qbs of the garrard or cutler variety tend to become rare as the season progresses due to injuries etc.


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