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  • Bumpschool Bumpschool Dec 31, 2007 11:27 AM Flag

    Brady Fantasy Team Eliminated in Semis?

    Warner was money in playoffs. I felt lucky that I had few enough options at QB that I had to use him.

    The Brady team didn't even make the playoffs in my league. Second most points but not enough wins.

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    • I think the one thing that your all forgetting is who else was on the assorted fantasy teams with Brady. I had Brady on most of my fantasy teams and did well with him. I was able to win one of my leagues with a Brady led team and finished either 2nd or 3rd in the others. I was able to put some decent players around him to make it happen, made some good pickups like grabbing Ryan Grant in most of the leagues. Your only going to be as good as your whole team is, not who your QB is.

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      • I agree with you to a point. The QB is the most important position in the draft because they tend to grab the most fantasy points weekly due to the amount of stats they accumulate. However, grabbing a good running back early is key unless you are far back in the position of your draft (like 6th or 7th out of 12) in which case it's better just to pick the top QB and then pick your running backs later because the QB is the highest percentage of fantasy points weekly (usually speaking). It's so hard to tell though, this is why football is the best fantasy sport. Things change weekly. Who would have guessed Brady would have had a bad week due to the weather. This is what won it for me. So faching ggggreeaaatttt.


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