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  • barry w barry w Dec 20, 2007 1:48 PM Flag


    Chose 1 to use, this is for the championship game.

    1. Buress- (upside) giants great on the road, and shockey is out so he will be a big target, a must win game (downside) injuries and weather will be bad
    2. Fitzgerald-(upside) pretty consistently good, good match-up (downside) out of playoff picture so not much to play for, boldin is in, and he is day to day with his own injury
    3. K-Curtis-(upside) good match-up, has been ok, but occasionally will have a huge game (downside) eagles don't have much to play for and NO does.
    3. Roddy White-(upside) great match-up (downside) inconsistent
    4. Anthony Gonzales- (upside) great match-up & within division+harrison still out+has been amazing the last 2 weeks (downside) since colts have clinched division manning & him may not play full game which would lower his value


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