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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 11, 2007 11:31 AM Flag

    HELP with week 15!!

    Ok - in kind of a tough situation. First off -does everyone think BRady will play the whole game or what? I don't even have a backup as of now, and I hope I don't need one.

    Next, RB: - which two?
    -jackson vs GB
    -gore vs. Cinci
    -jones-drew @ Pit

    And WR - I have like a million, but here is what I got:
    -R. White @ TB
    -Donald Driver @ STL
    -C. Henry @ SF
    -Arnaz Battle @cinci
    -Chris Chambers vs. Detroit
    -Dwayne Bowe vs. TEN

    and last but not least: Chicago's D vs MIN or washingtons vs NYG

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    • Brady probably won't play the whole game because they will be killing the Jets, but he will put up good enough numbers.

      Tough RB situation, I would go with S-Jax especially since Bulger probable won't play so Jax should see extended work. Gore against Cincy is a decent matchup because of the bad D, but it's hard to trust Gore sometimes.

      For WR you have to play R. White he is a stud. If you only need 2 go with Driver at #2, and if you need 3 play Henry against SF their D is horrible.

      I would go with Wash D because MIN will run all over CHI and Eli is capable of throwing multiple picks.

    • gore, Jackson


    • brady is going to explode on jets espcially after all the spygate. go with gore without a doubt, and i would prob go, driver, chris henry, bowe

    • Your first answer is that, because no NE personnel whatsoever will accept anything less than 19-0 this year, Brady won't see a minute of pine time.

      As for your RB and WR situation, those're harder to deal with. I hate Stephen Jackson with a passion matched only by that I have for Chad Johnson, and GB positively shut _down_ OAK last week, which seemed to have a pretty good attack before then; but that leaves you starting Frank Gore, who turned in his only productive week of the season the day after I cut him...plus MoJo against a PIT D that'll be selling out against the run 'cause it knows the Jags'll carve it up through the air even if they put any work into it. Still, at least PIT's only injured MIA RBs this year...take Gore and MoJo, but bear in mind that no matter who you start, you're probably not getting past this round with those RBs. I might actually check the wire...

      WR-wise, you have a lot of the problems that I do--White, Bowe and Henry are all on my roster too--and _ATM_, White and Bowe are on the bench. I like Driver a little more because StL can't stop anybody, but in your case I think Bowe makes his way back in simply because the rest of those are terrible options. Unfortunately, since you have to start a third as well, you'll be getting short points from that one...(and if you have a W/R slot as well, you're in worse trouble, 'cause Jackson's a single-digit man this week, too, though maybe not as low as the rest of those wideouts.) Maybe, believe it or not, check the wire there too? Maybe you got lucky and someone dumped Cotchery after his injury, or something like that...if not, Henry just because the SF D reeks and the CIN running game isn't much better so they may have to throw even if ahead.

      As for D, CHI is gonna _have_ to bring you sacks, turnovers and returns, 'cause you're looking at negative points based purely on points allowed...MIN'll hang at least 30 on 'em. WAS is less likely to break off a return, but also less likely to lose points based on points allowed...

    • You never leave Brady out. Even if he plays one quarter he scores two TDs. Green Bay has something to prove but Jackson is a better match up than Jones-Drew vs. Pittsburgh. Frank Gore should get at least 100 yards and a score vs. Cincinnati. Donald Driver, Dwayne Bowe (Ten's secondary is pretty beat up) and it's a toss up between Roddy and Chris. Do not start Henry. He is hit and miss, especially with T.J. getting healthy again. The defense is a no brainer. Chicago cannot stop BOTH Peterson and Taylor. They can only hope to contain one. Minnesota is a playoff sleeper and I'm expecting them to advance to the second round if they make it. All because they put points on the board. Eli is struggling every game, and Washington is still fighting for a chance at the playoffs. They may not win the game, but the defense should get you solid points and possibly another return for a TD on the Giants offense. Good luck.

    • i would probaly go with gore and driver and play chicago D


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