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  • andrew c andrew c Nov 27, 2007 2:21 AM Flag

    TEAM HELP!!!!

    QB - Warner
    RB - Grant, Fargas, S.Young (injured), Chatman, LJ (hurt)
    WR - Moss, Boldin, S.Smith, C.Henry (Cin), R.White, Ja.Jones

    TE - H.Miller, Heap
    K - Gould
    Def - GB, Dallas

    Avaliable FAs

    Garrard (QB)
    Campbell (QB)
    Culpepper (QB)
    V.Young (QB)

    J.Porter (WR)
    Curry (WR)
    Stokley (WR)
    Toomer (WR)
    Gage (WR)

    Dayne (RB)
    D.Ward (RB)
    A.Hall (RB)
    A.Peterson (RB)

    D.Lee (TE)
    Scheffler (TE)

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    • So far I'm probably going to add Garrard and drop Heap. But I'm also interested in A.Peterson and D.Lee yet I don't have anyone to drop.

      I'm gonna stick with S.Smith for the rest of the year because I know that if I drop him, he'll get picked up. He still has a lot of potential though. Even if he struggles I have enough depth at the WR to sit him.

      R.White is Atlanta's #1 and just had 100 yards last game so I'm not going to drop. He's also been very consistent for most of the season.

      Should I drop Chatman or/and Young, then???

    • Pretty self explanatory.....free agents to pick up.

      Adrian Peterson + Andre Hall. (RB's)

      Garrard (QB) he a solid value to a fantasy roster.

      Pick up Scheffler as a (TE) he has been on fire as of late. Cutler really only has marshall to throw to down field. Stokely is kind of a joke. Donald Lee is too streaky + Farve has Jennings/Driver/Jones.Robinson to throw to....plus Grant has had back to back 100 + performances so they are comfortable running the football and using Lee and Franks as blocking Tight Ends.

    • first i would pick up garrard for security because warner has a history of gettin hurt. drop heap and pickup d. lee. go get peterson fast. if kolby smith is still available, grab him

    • grab adrian peterson...and d lee...say bye to white,and heap.hurry!!!!

    • I would orefer Lee ir Scheffler over your TE's.
      Steve Smith wont do crap this season so I would ick up Curry or Toomer. Maybe even Gage.
      Use Dayne or Hall as your RB's of Young is still hurt or Ahman.


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