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    for Carson Palmer and Willis McGahee? I need a QB for the playoffs, as Bulger has sucked pretty bad so far... the trade would leave me with McGahee and Addai as my RBs... should I do it?

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    • if ur gonna give away peterson, go for brady and make it worth it

    • McGahee is a very consistent running back. He doesn't see the end-zone a lot, but he runs hard. You don't have a lot to worry about with Carson Palmer he is an amazing QB. With defenses keying in on Adrian Peterson I would accept the trade. It sounds like a good deal to me.

    • I'd jump on that!!!!!!!!

    • Peterson can probably get you Peyton and McGahee.. he is the best RB in fantasy right now, above LT. Plus wait a week until you decide on Bulger. He faces NO defense and probably will have a good week.

      Peterson should only be traded for amazing players, not a good QB and a decent RB

    • As good as Palmer is dude....Peterson is unreal...How can u think bout even trading this guy, he is a nut...McGahee is not consistent in that crappy Ravens O.....if u trade Peterson u need a better RB than that in return

    • Yea I don't think it is a bad option. People are high on Peterson right now and it would be the time to sell him because he is not going to have another day like he just had. He is a rookie and he could definitely be slowed down when teams finally decide to key in on him since Tavaris sucks. I think you might be able to do a little better this week, but if no one else is willing to budge take the current deal and don't waste much time. After next week I don't think he will be so hot.

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      • You're an idiot... I seem to recall after week 6, other people were saying the same thing you're saying now:

        "...sell him because he is not going to have another day like he just had."

        Uhm what did AP just do? Yea... good thing I didn't bench AP last week because "he's just a fluke."

        And don't get me started on:

        "... he could definitely be slowed down when teams finally decide to key in on him since Tavaris sucks."

        When teams FINALLY decide to key in on him??? Are you kidding me?! I think everyone including my dead dog Charlie knows this fact. The CHARGERS knew this and AP & his O-Line still shredded them.

        And now you're advising the guy to trade AP for Bush, not even a FLEX worthy RB, & a DEFENSE?! You can't possibly think that is equal value. If you do then I have a nice piece of land in scenic Chernobyl I want to offer you. Makes for a great vacation home!

        To be fair, i don't expect AP to have 200+ yds and 3 TD games the rest of the season. I wouldn't be shocked if he did though. But 100+ yds and 1 TD games for the rest of the year is always welcome in my book because that is what he'll be avging.

        I wouldn't give AP up for nothing less than another Top 5 RB & a low-end #1/ high-end #2 WR.

        PEACE OUT!!!

    • I also think you could get a better QB than Palmer.

    • If you have a Pretty good WR Core, than I think this would be a good option.You could do alot worse than Willis as your #2 back.

    • AP and Addai are a nice combo to have. Do you have other players to package for a QB. But Palmer does play cleveland week 16 during playoff time. If it is anything like their last game watch out.

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