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  • Norwaytuffguy Norwaytuffguy Oct 29, 2007 2:27 PM Flag


    anyone out there with keeper league experience?

    I am the league commish for a first year keeper league. Can somebody tell me how injuries are typically handled in keeper leagues?

    The scenario is that the owner of Ronnie Brown dropped him after his injury and another player with roster space picked him up with intentions to hold him until next season. The original owner is saying that this is BS and that these players (once they hit IR) are protected.

    Does anyone know what is standard for a keeper league????

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    • I've been in our keeper league for 5 years now, and if a player is dropped they are eligable for pick-up. I don't like it because its like someone is giving up this year, but if you're not in the playoff picture you might as well. It should have been adressed at the start of the season, but its your first time. I've had LT for 4 seasons and if got hurt for the year, I wouldn't drop him.

    • i think this needs to be specified by the commish beforehand... ive been in leagues where both are applicable


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