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  • Will Will Oct 25, 2007 12:57 AM Flag

    Big Trade...Need Help

    i give travis henry, maroney, heath miller, romo, boldin for hassleback, tomlinson, and TO.

    my running backs currently are henry, maroney, s. jax, and chatman

    i already have gates at te so miller serves no purpose on my team

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    • hm, this is a tough one..
      i would say yes but the reservations here are boldin and romo

      you get a great replacement for your rb with LT, no question
      you give up huge point potential with romo for hasslebeck
      TO is really good, and has put up points, but i just for some reason dont always consider him the best fantasy option, it seems like one week hell catch 100+ yards and 2 tds then the next week hell get like 50 yards...i dunno still very good tho, boldin is really good but then again just injured so who knows how he'll play out this season
      the other three, henry, maroney, and miller (only if you dont need him) are definitely worth lt
      so i guess yeah, make the trade..but be on the lookout for a derek anderson or something, just incase hasslebeck doesnt work out

    • fine with sjax and chatman offer t henry to some with a 2-5 record and explain hes has to win now or he might not even make playoffs but get something before beFORE this week

    • Do it as fast as possible, preferebly before Henry fails another drug test or knocks up three more chicks.

    • do it fast

    • no because travis henry isnt doing that bad this year... hes on my team miller is the main target on the steelers besides ward maroney can produce romo even tho he did bad against the pats and week after decent he still will continue to put up good numbers and boldin who cares but i wouldnt do it no offense.... my teams 7-0


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