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  • Norman C Norman C Oct 25, 2007 12:25 AM Flag


    Other managers said that if I gave the guy a better RB than Jordan, then the trade would be fair.....

    So my other RBs are Larry Johnson (no way), Travis Henry (no way on his part), Laurence Maroney, and Thomas Jones.

    Which other RB could I replace Jordan with to make it "more fair"???

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    • They need to understand that in order to veto a trade there needs to be either cheating going on or COMPLETE STUPIDITY.

      I don't see complete stupidity in that trade. I agree that you receiving TJ and Kellen is better than having Reggie and LaMont, but its not so lopsided that it is a no-brainer veto.

      They also must judge a trade on how it fills a position of need for the other team. You need a TE, he needs a RB. RB are more valuable than TE and therefore he must give you slightly more compensation.

      i.e. In one of my leagues I just completed a trade where I got Desmond Clark and Anquan Boldin for Chris Brown and Jay Cutler. I needed a TE because I had just traded Vernon Davis/Cedric Benson away for Rudi Johnson/Calvin Johsnon AND Todd Heap is my other TE (who is on a bye this week and has been injured lately.)
      The other guy just lost Ronnie Brown and only has Brandon Jacobs and Tatum Bell now. I offered Chris Brown for Desmond straight up just because I have an empty roster spot and can't afford a loss this week. He came back offering Clark and Steve McNair for Brown/Cutler. I told him I'd take a WR to make up for losing a RB and given his need for QB and RB, he was willing to let go of his best WR.

      All about filling a need


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