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  • Evan Evan Oct 18, 2007 9:51 PM Flag

    Is this a good trade..........

    Ok, I have OFFERED these trades.

    #1 -
    I give - Donald Driver - Javon Walker

    I get Chris Chambers - Kellen Winslow

    #2 -
    I give L.J.

    I get - T.O.
    Are they good trades??? Will he accept?? Just you overall opinion would be nice.

    Thanks in advance

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    • Your #1 proposal should not interest the other guy. He would not want Javon Walker now that the news of Walker getting knee surgery is surfacing.

      #2 you would lose out. LJ is king of "touches". Although T.O. is a star, he can be overlooked by Witten and Crayton and Barber.

      I think you need to abandoned both of these trade scenarios and go back to the drawing board. fantasyfootballtradegrader.com could be a help to you also

    • The 1st won't happen because Walker is out at least 1 more month he's having surgery. I wouldn't do the 2nd one if i was you, he might take that one but i don't think i'd want him to. Johnson is starting to come around and i think the Cowboys hot start is going to fade a bit.

    • these are good trades for him... if i'm him i accept you have to hold on to LJ he has already faced the tough part of his schedule.. and if you were going to trade him u could get more than T.O. also i don't like the chambers deal he's going to san diego and he has to learn the whole system and gates is the star receiver on that team... if i'm you i'm cancaling both trades

    • first of all ur definitly not gettin the second trade and the first trades ok but i dont see u improving ur team

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      • Well, these are my wrs (I start 16 total)

        Chad Johnson - Reggie Wayne - Wes Welker - Donald Driver - Larry Fitzgerald - Bernard Berrian - Javon Walker - Santonio Holmes.

        I usually start 5 each week usually, and I have Tony Gonzales as my starting TE. Javon isn't playing, and Driver is ok. I am hoping for Chambers to do well, and Winslow is doing well already.

        If I don't offer that trade, who should I offer?

        I am also trying to get Braylon Edwards, so any advice on getting him??

        Also, I didn't think I would get the second trade either, but he needs a running back really bad, so i offered it.


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