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    looking to upgrade at WR

    who do you think i should trade to try to get a solid #1 WR
    current roster. i'm thinking of offering Addai for either burress or TJ Houshmanzadeh or moss
    QB Tom Brady
    WR Brandon Marshall
    WR Donte Stallworth
    WR Lee Evans
    RB Willis McGahee
    RB Adrian Peterson
    TE Owen Daniels
    BN Greg Jennings
    BN Brandon Jacobs
    BN Cliton Portis
    BN Joseph Addai
    BN Andre Johnson
    BN Drew Brees

    K Gostkowski
    DEF Minnesota

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    • Wow, you have an incredibly solid team, with a ton of trading chips, most notably your RBs.

      Hopefully Andre Johnson comes back healthy for you soon, giving you a solid #2 reciever option.

      Otherwise, consider trying to dump either McGahee, Jacobs or Portis before thinking of trading Peterson or Addai. I think the latter two will be your most consistant performers for the remainder of the season, but either of the first three could be RB1's on other teams. And if you can't get a big time performer at WR like the ones you mentioned, perhaps you could shoot for someone like Reggie Wayne, Braylon Edwards, or Roy Williams, all of whom are wonderful number #1 options but don't have the hype factor attached to them like the WRs you mentioned.

      What I wouldn't give to have your options right now.

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      • yeah without Andre i haven't really had anyone to give me the consistant points out of the WR position. i'm currently 6-0 and could probably manage with just the team i have right now but i really think that i need an upgrade at WR and i can't really do anything with 5 RBs.

        right now the trades i've offered are:
        Addai for Moss
        Addai for Houshmandzadeh
        McGahee for R. Williams

        I'm not sure i could get a top 10 WR for any either portis or Jacobs, but i might consider trading them for a Strong #2

    • If you trade Addai. You make sure you get the best WR's out there.

      Also try to trade Jacobs for another WR who at least starts.
      Maybe like CHambers, Javon Walker etc.


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