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  • Captain Tragedy Captain Tragedy Oct 17, 2007 9:56 AM Flag

    Gore & Holt v. Owens & Housh. v. Addai

    Ok guys, I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this offer: I'll give up T.O. and get Frank Gore and Holt. What do you think?

    My RB's are Addai, LJ and Thomas Jones & Lamont Jordan, and my other WR's are Wayne, Berrian and Mason.

    If I pull the trigger on this trade, I'm thinking of then trading Addai and Mason/Berrian for Housh and Patrick Crayton (pretty much already agreed to).

    That would leave me with
    RB1: Gore
    RB2: LJ
    WR1: Housh
    WR2: Wanye
    WR3: Holt
    bench: Jordan, Crayton, Berrian/Mason

    Is that better than my original line-up?:
    RB1: Addai
    RB2: LJ
    WR1: Owens
    WR2: Wayne
    WR3: Berrian/Mason

    Thanks, and curious to see what you guys think.

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