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  • General Wile E. General Wile E. Oct 16, 2007 3:57 PM Flag

    Need advice on Romo trade....

    I give: Romo, Galloway, Shockey, McGahee. I get: Cutler, Plax, and Winslow. My other QB is D.Anderson (he would start for me). My other RBs are Addai, Jones-Drew, and Lynch. If I do this deal, my WRs would be TO, Moss, and Plax (untouchable). Is it worth giving up Romo and McGahee for this, or would I be an idiot?

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    • I dont like cutler, and I'm not so sure that Anderson can keep this pace. You are alright to give up Willis b/c you are pretty deep in rb's but I think Kellen Winslow might faulter as well. If I were you I would stick with romo, and shockey and just try to trade a two for one with mcgahee and galloway for Plax. If they are not too deep at RB they should take it.


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