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  • hlmhairlessape hlmhairlessape Oct 16, 2007 4:16 PM Flag

    Please help. Am I an idiot to do this??

    Depending on your point settings, those recievers are literally in a class of there own and can practically carry a team. So with them and Addai , D.Anderson and Winslow which is near Gates-type numbers, You have an impressive team. Ask yourself how much does it improve his team overall by giving him Romo and Lynch. If the two of you played this week could you win the matchup? If so I would do the deal.

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    • I would stand pat. You can't rely on Anderson i'm sorry but, its the browns they will have bad weeks. Romo on the other hand had his worse game ever and still scored 13 pts. Stick with Romo maybe offer Shockey, Mcgahee, Anderson, and Galloway for that trade instead.


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