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  • Rat Rat Oct 16, 2007 2:35 PM Flag

    Trades To Help Team

    So here is my Starting Lineup: What positions or people should I trade to improve on my team. I am in 11th place with a 1-5 record.

    QB- Brees
    WR- Boldin, Driver, Curtis
    RB- Gore & Parker
    TE- Watson
    K- Kaeding
    Def- Minn

    Bench- Garrard, Maroney, H. Ward, D Jackson & Jax Def.

    Any suggestions to atleast make the playoffs?

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    • Your team sucks, no wonder you are 1-5, you are done unless you are in an 8 team league where 6 teams make playoffs or something similarly ridiculous.

    • Boldin will be back.
      Garrard is actually doing good.
      You should keep him in there.
      Now you should watch out for Watson.
      Watch his status.
      All I can see if a TE to back him up just in case.
      You can not afford to lose too much to trade for a QB.
      Jackson is bogues you should diss him & get another WR.
      If thats all you get in your league then i am sure there are some free Agents out there.


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