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  • Jay Jay Oct 16, 2007 1:25 PM Flag

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    The league I'm in uses a website to rule on our trading. I have Tom Brady and another owner has L.T.
    I wanted to trade Brady and LT straight up but the site vetoed this instantly and ruled too favorable for me ( and I can see that)
    Then the other guy wanted Brady and Fitgerald and it was vetoed as too favorable for him ( and I agree totally cause that's too much to give up even for an LT) He also wanted a Brady/Gates package for LT but that got shot down too

    I have a few decent RB that he would settle for to replace LT (he really is already loaded at Rb anyway, he needs Brady bad).

    We've narrowed down to 2 deals that site ruled as "approved".
    I give Tom Brady and Ahman Green for LT or

    I give Tom Brady and Brandon Jackson for LT

    fantasyfootballtradegrader.com approved both of these. My question is who should I give up (A.Green or B.Jackson)?

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    • First of all, don't be a pansy and use some website that doesn't take into account all sorts of things when evaluating trades, such as keeper vs re-draft league, and roster spots. I tried offering 2 decent RBs for LT and it said it was too favorable for the team getting the two decent RBs. But really, can you play both those RBs in the one spot that LT was in? NO. So unless the one team had LT and a bunch of 3rd string RBs, the deal is much more favorable the other way. Instead of using a flawed website to decide if your trades are fair, just allow any trade that isn't collusion. Top QB for Top RB, great let it go. Top RB for Trent Dilfer, dont let it happen. It's as simple as that.

    • Jackson.

      PLease answer my post concerning my Dallas Clark trade

    • Give up Jackson. Green Bay doesn't have a rushing offense yet, and they are not sure who they're going to have as a sure starter at the RB position. You'll be better off with Green, just don't play him this week.


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