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  • Tony R Tony R Oct 15, 2007 3:38 PM Flag

    Help Me on this trade please!!!

    Tough call so well break it down.

    Young for Anderson.

    Cotchery for Wayne

    Jordan for Wynn

    Young has struggled alot & they are not as much a passing team as much as a running team.
    Anderson since starting has had some good weeks & is one of the top point value QB's. Browns are a passing team.

    Now Cotchery is solid but he has 0 TD's.He will get you points. Now Wayne will get you points & TD's. Marvin is average this yr.
    With a QB like Manning, you can expect a fair share.

    Now with jordan, it looks like he is back even though he could not do much vs the SD defense. He will start.
    Wynn seems to play like the starter even though he is not.

    So I will give the thumbs up or down.

    Young for Anderson I give Anderson the thumbs up

    Cotchery for Wayne I defantely give Wayne the thumbs up.

    But lamont for Wynn I give Lamont the thumbs.

    Your RB's are good enough.

    I would refuse if it was me.